he who views AC/DC, Metallica, and Jackyll as the best bands around ten years after the fact of the bands true days of popularity. may be described in terms of male/female versions, each with distinct characteristics of both mullet and music.
female hesher loves 80's bands defined by long hair, throbbing pelvic moves, and glamour facepaint. also sports female mullet, long hair with straight chopped bangs sometimes teased to perfection.

male has standard issue mullet and exclaims how lame today's music is while driving away in his '85 Z-28 with G'n'R cranking
Sweet Child O' Mine.
by Joelcandooit007 March 28, 2004
A hesher is a person who refuses to get with the times. They are living in at least a decade or 2 behind the rest of us with there hair styles and clothing. There are also times when the person is so out of touch they may even look as though they are from a different century. There is the "Pioneer Hesher", and my favorite "The Colonial Hesher" who sports side beard chops and look like a founding father or something.
That cat was such a hesher, he was wearing a Member's Only jacket and had a Jerry curl.
by Gigi Holmes February 02, 2010
Acid wash jeans, old reeboks or nikes, loonggg dirty hair, listens to classic rock. conservative.
Hesher usually describes a certain kind of skater, e.g. TNT(Tony Trujillo) or Jim Greco. A hesher wears tight, worn out clothes and acts tough. Most pro skaters that are heshers acutally kick ass, but i hate poser kids who think they are the shit. Oh well, you got your definition, now go shred!!
Corey Duffel is a hesher.
by Black Jack April 11, 2004

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