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1. Small breasts; bigger than skeets
2. Nipples that look _exactly_ like the
Who wouldn't wanna suck on them hershey's kisses?
by pmc November 02, 2002
Upon completing a rimjob, and finding your partner has ill-prepared their anus for such coitus, vengefully kissing them to show your displeasure in the fecal matter that has accumulated on your lips.
"He kept asking for a rimjob and assured me that he kept his ass clean as a whistle. Sure enough, he was a liar like all the rest, and I had to give him a Hershey's Kiss to show him how it felt!"
by Literary Resurrection October 26, 2015
When a pant-less patron spreads their butt-cheeks (exposing an unwiped anus) and dabs the fecal matter upon any surface. leaving a trail of Hershey's Kisses shaped doodoo behind.
"My friend Christa left a small trail of Hersheys Kisses on my pillow. Now I have pink eye."
by titoinaspeedo February 09, 2013
when having anal sex, you pull out after going deep and have a bell shaped bit of poo on the head of your penis
damn bitch gave me a hersheys kiss last night!
by bukkake man March 12, 2011
An Eskimo kiss is when two people rub noses together...

A butterfly kiss is when two people bat their eyelashes together...

A Hershey's kiss is when two people touch their anuses together.
Things were going great last night, so I gave her a Hershey's kiss.
by Milton Hershey August 25, 2010
A male or female sits on another male or female's face. The person being sat on gets poo on thier lips. After the poo is applicated to the persons lips in a proper fashion the "sitter" gets up and gets kissed by the person with poo on their lips.
Did you guys hook up this weekend?
Yea, I she even hersheys kissed me to.
by Big Scho January 25, 2009
When a man is having anal sex with his partner and pulls out his penis, if there is a little piece of shit on the head of his penis that's a Hershey's Kiss.
I pulled my dick out of her ass and flicked off a Hershey's Kiss; she then blew me.
by SexyCrazyBitch October 05, 2004
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