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It is a type of gold chain. The pattern it is weaved in a way to look like connected chevrons or "V's" to give a zig-zag type of pattern.
Had some extra paper the other day, so I went down and got me a fat herringbone to drop dem bitches' panties with.
by fayettevillain June 25, 2013
1 The Gait of a person who has an itchy anus.
2 The feeling of a fishbone stuck in your sphincter after having to nip one off early and failing to wipe your ringbox adequately in order to catch a bus.
"ayup have you seen how our Sara's walking? She looks like shes got a herring bone stuck in her ringpiece"
by Lord Harworth August 02, 2006
Straight up gangster. A nickname given to an individual that is extra G and has been throwin it down for the home team and representin.
I dubb that fool Herringbone.
by J-Bone May 10, 2006
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