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The Game that replaced ferentus but its exacly the same !!
"Hey Andy lets play ferentus !"
"Its called Herrcot Now !"
by Jcax October 16, 2006
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The korean version of ferentus. Since ferentus is gone many people are flocking to herrcot. It is a little better than ferentus but there are about a thousand more cheats in use. They dont want any non-koreans playing the game claiming we cheat with speed hacks when the koreans were the ones who created the speed hacks. You can even find the basturd mailman who is one of the causes for ferenus's shutting down.
<Andy>Yo Alvaro, wanna play herrcot.

<Alvaro>Those basturds dont want us non-koreans playing their game remember?

<Andy>O yeah, Damn koreans!
by Master_arbiter October 17, 2006

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