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The most dreaded STD of all time...a combination of all possible diseases. Can only be contracted from the dirtiest whores in the world. Often used figuratively to emphasize the dirtiness of a person.
Art: "I hooked up with Lisa last night. It was awesome!"
Dave: "Oh yeah, that's what Sam, Johnny, Pete, Ted, Nick D..."
Art: "Wait...all those guys were up in that?"
Dave: "Yeah, and also Kevin, Matt, Will...shit I could go on forever."
Art: "So your telling me every guy in your frat has nailed this girl?"
Dave: "No, no, no, not at all. Only about 80% of my frat, I'd say. And pretty much all of SAE, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, Pike, Alpha Beta...but she's hot, man. Good job."
Art: "Is she clean?"
Dave: "No, she's got herpegonnosyphiltitis. You wrapped it up, right?"
Art: "So that's why my dick turned green and purple and rotted off this morning."
Dave: "Yeah, that explains it."
by Nick D July 13, 2004
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It's supposed to be gonoherpesifilaids, tool.
That gutter-slut gave me gonoherpesifilaids.
by I'm Effin` AWESOME. May 24, 2005

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