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Music that people who are taking heroin like to listen to. Typically includes mellow tones and a rhythm that matches an addict's heartbeat.

Kurt Cobain apparently liked listening to heroin music before becoming a star.
You listen to strange music Mike; I didn't realize you liked heroin music so much -- Vanessa
by crlf December 24, 2007
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Music created by people who are taking drugs to make music to take drugs to, characterized by monotonous rhythms, layered with drones, and the gratutious use of effects and analog synthesizers. see also shoegazer, drone, ambient, space rock, minimal wave, post punk, no wave, glo fi
I was so hypnotized by the heroin music on that Spacemen 3 record, I didn't notice that Chris' lips had turned blue until after his breathing had stopped.
by the lost analog synth October 24, 2009
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