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Incredible striker, plays for Chelsea FC. Has perfect hair, face, body, goal scoring record. Spent 2004-2005 at AC MIlan until jose mourinho (genious) took him back.
boy: Hernan Crespo with another goal for the blues
girl: doesn't it suck he's married?
by Hate-My School April 08, 2006
Cockney rhyming slang for a man with the appearance of a women impersonating a man- hence 'Lesbo' = 'Crespo'

Commonly used in the midlands of England now to describe effeminate men trying to appear 'butch'
Lets get in some drinks. So, thats four pints and a Vodkatini for Hernan Crespo
by 1234567asdfgh June 19, 2008
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