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N. A ho-dunk little town located in Oregon. Home of the first Shari's restaurant.
Dude, I went to Hermiston, and there was nothing there; seriously.
by Skittlesofdoom June 16, 2008
Hermiston Oregon is the Largest city in Eastern Oregon. Home of about +20,000 people. Over 50% of the population is Mexicans. Hermiston is known for their watermelons. Although Hermiston has a gang problem with over 20 hispanic and african american gangs in the region. Most popular gang is the Surénos located behind Eastide Market.
Hey, Im from Hermiston
Well thats where all the mexicans are from!
by FhdkaockcuzuayshrhrhxkKaa June 20, 2016
Small town in Oregon with nothing. Home of the Bull Dogs, and a bunch of mexicans.
Known for the Umitilla county fair, and their large production of watermelons.
This town is good for nothing except Slurpees and boys who cheat on their girlfriends.
Pendleton is the rival of Hermiston, and P-town is better in every way.
Where are you from?
Hermiston, Oregon.
Oh wow, that sucks.
by jacksoff February 04, 2011
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