1. the act of masturbating with your hand in your pocket 2. smoking marijuana 3. smoking marijuana while masturbating with your hand in your in your pocket
That guy must be herbing, he has a blunt in one hand and he has his other hand in his pocket.
by Sex E. Steve August 12, 2011
Top Definition
The act of engaging in anti-social activties when made aware of on-going social activity of the masses
(masses-vast majority of social circle)

-you must be able to participate in the social activity

herb, herbing out
OmG this cat stays herbing

Ja is herbing today because he wants to stay in and be on myspace all night.
by jaydslice November 09, 2009
After having shaved newly grown vaginal hair, one herbs their food by sprinkling the aforementioned hair over the top of any dish. Savory or sweet.
Have you thought about herbing it?
by Foofi July 13, 2011
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