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the name of the baby that you do not want to keep; a product of drunken sex at a dirty fraternity house.
"If I dance harder will Herbert die?"

"I don't a need a Herbert, it would just fuck up my life."

"Damn girl, did you get another Herbert last night?"
by thedouchies May 18, 2009
36 62
When a man sticks his fist in another man's ass.
-Man, i could really go for a herbert right now

-really? me too!

-awesome! i'll go get the gloves
by le gooch August 05, 2008
5 36
When you have sex with someone and a little boy at the same time
A sex move like a felther which is something you can do with a Herbert cake Herbert pie
by Stancer August 17, 2008
3 35
a person that drives a silver car and drives 10 mph lower than the actual speed limit,they always get in front and slow down to the speed of a brick wall smeared with butter.
that herberts in the way!
what an old herbert!
by henroy and jam-es September 28, 2007
3 40
Another word for vomit!!
OOH, do you see what that girl is wearing - HERBERT!!
by Amber P November 23, 2007
1 40
Worst Family Guy character ever.
Herbert is going to be killed off in Season 7. HOORAY!!
by Alright Thazzit January 17, 2008
10 55