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I believe I have invented this word, and here is my mark :-)
I googled the word today (24th Feb, 2010) and got this:

"Results for: hepatothlon
Your search - hepatothlon - did not match any documents."

An extended drinking session.

First coined in December 2009 as a way of avoiding a Burns' night supper at the Chester Caledonian Society. For those who have ever been to a Burns' 'supper', you will know just how well lubricated it is, and that it can take it's toll on your liver!

In fact, surviving a Burns night requires endurance and a liver function of athletic standards, hence the conjunction of two words...

'hepato' and 'thlon'

Medical terms related to the liver often start in hepato- or hepatic from the Greek word for liver, hēpar (ήπαρ).

The '-thlon' part is also of Greek origin (αθλος athlos (contest)).

Not to be confused with 'heptathlon' which is about as far apart on the fitness stakes from a hepatothlon as possible.
Awae wi' ye, Alexandurrrr..tha's too much of a hepatothlon fair me, ye noo? (with apologies)
by Astacus February 24, 2010
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