One of wildest engines that was ever made. Refers to the shape of the combustion chamber.(hemispherical)
That Hemi Dodge can really wrinkle the pavement.
by tradesman April 03, 2003
Someone that gives you what you want. Sexually.
Usually has high expectations yet will lower herself to the guy/girl's level.A fun person to hang out with.
I was out at a party one night and this chick was a hemis
by Steven louis November 16, 2007
A person, usually a male in highschool/jr high that is very rude, annoying, immature, stupid, cocky, petty, and an overall jackass/bastard.
That guy is such a hemi! I want to slap him, but he'd probably think I like him.
by EEW February 15, 2004
popular maori name which translates to james also used as a diss for dumb asses
oh hemi!

do you want some chips with that hemi?
by kerbe July 26, 2004
Often pointed out on a car to distract attention from the actual shitty car itself.
Joe Dirt: "Yeah, she's got a Hemi"
by k.derr July 12, 2009
A hemi is that fat kid in your gym class, every class/ school has a hemi. The hemi in your gym class probably smells somewhat like a dead horse. A hemi typically likes little boys, and sucks at life in general. Hemi's often make funny faces when attepting to do something. (This can range from breathing to playing softball) When this "hemi" makes one laugh, the hemi usually has enough time to toss an insult your way because of your extreme laughing. This is when you call him fat.
Hemi- Your stupid!
Chris- JEZUZ.....u smell like a fuckin ass .........get ur thumb out of ur ass.
Dillon- Pancakes.
by The Terminator November 09, 2005
Reference to the infamous 426 Hemi Chrysler engine. Probably the greatest engine ever built. 425 Horsepower at 6000 RPM. This engine was found in the Plymouth Roadrunner, Dodge Charger, Coronet, Superbird, Barracuda, and others. Chrysler recently began re-releasing the Hemi. The problem is it isn't really a Hemi. And it could never compare to the 426. The 426 is the only real Hemi.
426 Hemi. Any questions?
by roy harper July 31, 2004

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