well, cant believe ur clan started 5 years ago and u guys still think/play nubbly. get real, go dl some team3d demos, that will blow ur mind no doubt...happy fragging noobs
im too good that they think i hack
by 1-1311 wtg September 26, 2003
Top Definition
a clan that created counter strike.
for some reason they think they own the game now. they have banned 5/8 of the internet from there server. the others are in line.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
this site is for clan hellgaming, join them if u give a fuck
u can find many idiots on hellgaming.com, and u need to be retarted to join
by banned cuz i own ur server July 25, 2003
a counter-strike clan. They have been gaming together for 5+ years now, same core members. They started off in Rainbow Six on msn gaming zone. Now they mostly play counter-strike, and ban retards for such hacks as aim-bot, wall-hacks, etc...
by i_banned_you_for_being_retarded August 19, 2003
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