A dance made famous by the group 3oh3 in their song don't trust me
you act blind and walk around with your hands out
"shush girl, shut your lips do the hellen keller and talk with your hips"(from the song don't trust me by 3oh3)
by chrisbrowns lover April 22, 2011
Top Definition
A Hellen Keller is when some girl is giving you head and you pull out of her mouth and nut in her eye. Then when shes blinded by the skeet you shot in her eye you punch her in the ear so she cant hear.
My bitch was getting out of control so I gave her a Hellen Keller, the doctor says she'll never be able to see or hear again.
by Golzy April 15, 2004
in online games, the only person on your team without a microphone.
if it wasnt for hellen keller i would of known that guy was around the corner.
by rudy pseudonym September 10, 2011
A drink that is generally consumed in the form of a shot. It consists of equal parts Gin and Tequila and is garnished with a lemon or lime.
Careful there, too many Hellen Keller's in one night can cause you to act like her the next morning!
by Xabu September 08, 2011
The only way to explain the phenomenon where an extremely attractive person is dating someone extremely not. They clearly have gone temporarily blind and deaf.
I have no clue. I must have gone Hellen Keller for nine months.
by endsonmonday March 25, 2011
To put your fingers in a person's ears as they jack you off into their own eyes.
I Hellen-Kellered that bitch.
by Nicolas J. Anzaldua August 11, 2007
A ridiculously awful shot in beer pong; *As if Hellen Keller herself just threw the pong ball*
"Damn Jimmy we're tied up one cup to one. You need to make this shot nigga, your last two have been strait Hellen Kellers for sure!"
by Ninja John Jimmy Bones July 25, 2006

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