it looks just like a helicopter, but it kicks ass
In my hellacopter i flew into outer space, ate some children and whaled on my guitar. I don't know any helicopters that would let you do that. Helicopters are whack.
by Gigantic Array of Yetis November 19, 2003
Top Definition
many helicopters in one location.
Man that's alot of helicopters chasing Godzilla through new york. Man there's Hella Copters.
by JBroheed August 25, 2007
Greatest rock band from Sweden, ever!
Who's my favourite band? The Hellacopters, naturally...
by ThomasMcDonald January 13, 2004
The process of swinging your dick around in circles making it appear as a helicopter to those watching.
The ladies were impressed by the speed of my hellacopters blade
by josh November 20, 2003
When a male stripper swings his penis in a circular motion without using his hands.
The big black stripped gave me a lap dance and a hellacopter 6 inches from ym face.
by alcimedes November 19, 2003
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