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many helicopters in one location.
Man that's alot of helicopters chasing Godzilla through new york. Man there's Hella Copters.
by JBroheed August 25, 2007
18 8
Greatest rock band from Sweden, ever!
Who's my favourite band? The Hellacopters, naturally...
by ThomasMcDonald January 13, 2004
20 10
it looks just like a helicopter, but it kicks ass
In my hellacopter i flew into outer space, ate some children and whaled on my guitar. I don't know any helicopters that would let you do that. Helicopters are whack.
by Gigantic Array of Yetis November 19, 2003
12 3
The process of swinging your dick around in circles making it appear as a helicopter to those watching.
The ladies were impressed by the speed of my hellacopters blade
by josh November 20, 2003
10 6
When a male stripper swings his penis in a circular motion without using his hands.
The big black stripped gave me a lap dance and a hellacopter 6 inches from ym face.
by alcimedes November 19, 2003
6 5