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Something that is extremely cool, awesome, or tight
Dang... that Aston Martin Vanquish is hella dank!
by Hella Dank Boy August 06, 2008
Mostly used to describe really good weed but can be used for something that has been done that was very cool.
"Man that shit was hella dank, im blazed.
by Jake Hugo January 23, 2009
an adjective meaning extremely cool, groovy, or tight.
Dang that Aston Martin Vanquish is hella dank
by Hella Dank Boy August 03, 2008
similar to "damn" in the form "day-UM". an extremely useful, generally non-offensive and throughly multi-purpose exclamation.
Person 1: Dude, I just won the f***ing lottery!!!
Person 2: Helladank!
*highfives all around*


Person 1: Dude, my uncle died this weekend.
Person 2: Well, helladank.
*sad, contemplative faces*
by NerakanDrac November 19, 2009
something that is extremely good tasting or has an amazing flavor.
"Dog, that fucking McChicken waz hella dank."
by magic ass motha fucka March 20, 2010
Most *dank* weed.

top of the line, Best quality
How much for some hella dank(s)?

Do you smoke hella dank(s)?
by TOXIK METAL March 08, 2005
Meaning one who's penis skin sheds monthly
wow that hella dank left his crusties on my carpet
by TheLoveDoctor898 October 15, 2009
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