The word "Hella" actually is known within California as being a "Northern" California term. Gwen Stefani used it in her song "Hella Good" as a tongue in cheek ode to her Northern Californian friends who would say it alot.

Used to overexaggerate adjectives in place of "really", "very". Also used to convey large numbers.
The food was really good. = The food was "hella" good.

There was alot of people there. = There were "hella" people there.
by Chase Manhattan November 10, 2005
Of Nor-Cal variance.
1.Alot of. Many.
Thats hella cool.
by 13 March 26, 2003
Noun. An abundance of.
we shot hella ducks yesterday
by steelheader March 26, 2008
Hella means that there is alot or many of something.
There was hella dudes at the park.
by LiLM4M4SZ March 06, 2008
1. Very
2. More then needed
The Bay is hella better then the LA. Wait I am from LA yes i said it.
by TikalPUnchYoLightsOut April 21, 2003
the definition is accurate......but
The word originated in Oakland, in the 70's. I grew up there, and i never heard it used anywhere else until hella years later.
by mark knudsen June 18, 2005
A popular slang word used to express emphasis.
Primarily spoken in the Bay Area of California especially Berkeley.
That party last night was hella tight!

Man,I'm feel'n hella bad today.

I want it hella fat!

He's hella bad ass!

My ride is hella fast!
by niried June 14, 2007

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