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The feeling of regretting something you're about to do anyway.
Every Friday night, I pregret that I will go to the club. I know I will stand there like an idiot and won't talk enough game to bring anyone home with me.
#anticipointment #cigregret #negret #swipe swipe #no regret
by Aeronius January 16, 2006
A chronic painful condition that effects the muscles or joints in the hand, fingers and/or forearm after playing videogames too much.
Dude, I played Final Fantasy for three days straight, but my Nintendonitis flared up so I couldn't play anymore.
#video games #video game nerds #video game hangover #video game addict #lanukah #final fantasy
by Aeronius January 16, 2006
San Francisco Bay Area Slang. First became widely used during the early 1980's.

Became more mainstream after the band No Doubt's song entitled, "Hella Good" was released.

The term is shortened from "hell of" and most likely derived from "a hell of a lot of"
That party was hella fun!

We got hella hyphy last night.

That dude was hella old.
#cool #awesome #radical #rad #fly #dope #groovy
by Aeronius January 15, 2006
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