A girl who is shy at first, but very playful and great when you get to know her. Often Helens are used by people.

Helen's are usually very smart and talented.

They are secretively very sensitive and are likely to remember bad things you did to them.

Helen's and beautiful but a lot of people do not realize it because her beauty is hidden by glasses or out shined by her friends who are more noticable due to their big personality, while Helens are shy.

Helen never steals boyfriends, and if she also has a crush on someone her friend likes, she will let her friend like him, get over him, and try to set them up.

There are a lot of things you do not know about Helens. Sometimes they can keep sad secrets. Once you meet a Helen, you should really try to get to know them because they are awesome.
Girl: Wow, I thought Helen was a bitch because that's what Katie said, but she's so nice!

Girl 2: Ikr!
by Lilly foster May 08, 2013
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a girl who is awesome in all her ways. she is fly and skilled beyond belief. everyone else is jealous of her good looks.
Dang, look at Helen. Lookin` fly as always.

Man, I wish I could be Helen.
by helenaa March 01, 2007
The helen (abbreviated hn) is the imperial unit of measurement for female beauty, now superseded by the metric bella

Pulchritude is expressed as a fraction of 1000, denoting the number of ships that could be launched by the beauty of a given woman.

This system was originated by Christopher Marlowe in 'Doctor Faustus'.
"Maxim readers voted Olivia Wilde as the hottest woman in the world - therefore by definition she is rated at 1000 helen"
by Hitmouse December 12, 2009
Amazing girl, Amazing smile, beautiful inside and out
by hensoloeliza July 21, 2010
A superhuman hero of sorts whose power will increase to include that of time travel after building herself a TARDIS. She just needs to find where she left the plans...oooo shiny...LALALALA!
Doctor Who? Doctor Helen.
by H the real Helen February 06, 2010
The most amazing girl in the universe. She is beautiful, smart, funny, and amazing. Any guy to have her would be the luckiest guy in the world. She is one of a kind and there is no other girl as wonderful as her. She is perfect.
Stranger: Do you know Helen?
Stranger 2: Yeah she is the best!
by xxjunboyxx August 09, 2012
The most gorgeous and fabulous person ever, who cares for those aroumd her. She will touch the hearts of everyone she is with. No one is quite like her and she is like a super model, naturally beautiful and happy. She is so amazing and not always appreciated by those she is with. Without her this earth would not be the same. Helen is a beautiful person with and amazing heart and mind. When you have a Helen in your life you will be eternally grateful. She is everyones best friend and very likeable. A unique, happy, special being
Person 1 "I love Helen, she is everything. Beautiful, funny, unique!"
Person 2 " we all need a Helen in our life! I wish I was her!!"
by missywildd September 23, 2012
A Beautiful and Sexy girl. One who is mostly short in height, thin, but still has lovely curves.

A Helen is the generous and polite type, But with friends she is VERY playful and makes everybody laugh. (alot of times she is Asian)
"do you know helen???"

"omg! YES who doesnt!!!! She the sexiest asian, PLUS shes the funnest person to be around!!!"
by jaredletoismine March 10, 2012

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