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A woman whose shape resembles that of a full hefty bag.
What time is the hefty bag coming to pick up the money tonight?
by Native American River September 28, 2007
a overweight or obese douchebag commonly the wing man of a more powerful douche bag such as the player bag or alpha bag in other words the alpha bags scrotege'.
Wears: anything lil' wayne wears
1. gah that guys such a douch. I know and his scrotege' hefty bag
by Chippy from tim and eric July 31, 2009
super size condoms that you leave around the living room to impress your dates; also the condoms your father buys you that are extra strength so they won't break. from family guy and t.v. commmercial for garbage bags...

"meg while i'm gone i want you to use a hefty bag for protection" "but dad what about condoms?" "meg... HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY wimpy wimpy wimpy"
man that sex was bad..i couldn't feel a thing because i was wearing a hefty bag my dad got for me.

girl: wow the hefty bag really impresses me
by letter.b.12 March 24, 2010

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