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Noun. (Arguably) The most prominent member of a thirteen member Korean boyband called Super Junior.

Noun. atheist; pansexual; crazy; retarded; insane; genius; beautiful; vain; narcissistic

Adjective. To be loved by a few thousand fangirls despite being an ass; to have a homosexual kiss onstage, in a homophobic country and survive; to be good at doing impressions; to be painfully beautiful despite being male; to be a cat lady; to criticize a few hundred people in under ten seconds and be declared charming.
Kangin: What? You kissed a guy? You're such a heechul.

Siwon: You don't believe in God? That's crazy! Are you heechul?

Leeteuk: How can you get away with all of that stuff? That's not normal, you heechul!
by tinseltoe June 12, 2009
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Being able to manicure your nails, die your hair, laugh loudly, make rude jokes, wear feminine clothes, and be one of the most beautiful men alive.
Radio host: Why did you kiss all those men?
Heechul: I am Heechul.
by many12 March 31, 2009
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According to Korean legends. was the first known homesexual of mankind. In addition, known to have been dealt by a man named Eunjae numerous times.
Heechul is often used instead of the word "gay," describing a male with female tendencies.
by JCFS December 21, 2006
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