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the willies, chills, often caused by fear or being grossed out or creeped out
That new scary movie gave me the heeby jeebies!
by JocelynC June 05, 2005
A general feeling of unease or vague anxiety, usually caused by mildly to moderately awkward social situations and sometimes involving inappropriate or unwanted displays of affection among persons whom are young or unfamiliar.
"Did you see that guy making kissy faces at me over there?"

"Yeah, he's creepy... he gives me the heeby-jeebies!"


"Can you believe those two? They're only in sixth grade!"

"Word. They're a little young for that... it kinda gives me the heeby-jeebies."
by jcalaw63 February 24, 2010
The "Heeby-Jeebies" is what you feel when someone casts the Sheeny Curse on you!
"You stole my Coupon!!!"

*Gets the "Heeby Jeebies" *
"Argh, Take the damn coupon!"
by July 10, 2008
Yes; whoa, wow, amazing; word brotha; fo sho
... 1: Check out that shizzle yo!
... 2: Heeby jeeby!
by Anti-Fishman April 21, 2004
Being the biggest and nerdiest Jew in the entire world.
Rosenbloom is a heeby jeeby, he loves going to synogouge every day.
by Adolf October 17, 2004
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