sensation felt after viewing or thinking about something particularly creepy or unsettling
joe- dude, whats up with this new chick
dan- i dont know man, but her stretch marks and jello belly are giving me the heebie jeebies

rick- remember when we saw that used condom in the chili at school?
juniper- yeah man, just thinking about that shit gives me a major case of the heebie jeebies
by griffman234 January 27, 2010
An audible shuddering of the voice elicited when frightened or surprised. First the shoulders and head shake and then a certain sound is involuntarily elicited. This condition can be heredetary as in "the hee bee gee bee gene"."
(You would know it if you heard/saw it)
by Robin November 16, 2003
the feeling that one gets because of a scary situation.
Sally: Omg me and my bf almost broke up! It gave me the heebie jeebies!
by Berry Halls September 19, 2007
of Irish origin
Feelings of overwhelming and often irrational anxiety, dread or guilt the morning after drinking a large quantity of hard liquer, esp. Gin.
Person: "F*****ck... what did I do last night?! All my friends must hate me and think I'm such a pikey because I'm always stealing their cigarettes/borrowing money so I can drink more Gin"
Friend: "Don't worry no one cares, we're all friends, you've just got the heebie jeebies"
by pixies89 March 25, 2006
slang term for the date rape drug GHB, used by date rapists....suprisingly.
Date Rapist: I Just slipped the old heebiejeebies into that fine ass broads peenay co-la-day
by McCrab January 28, 2004
A mocking nickname of the Communist Party of Great Britain.
It's a reference to the initials, CPGB, which kinda rhymes with heebee jeebies.
"The heebee jeebies are selling the Morning Star outside Tesco's again."
by Billy-Bob McSanchez August 08, 2005
Getting strange vibes from a Jew.
Roommate #1: Jew, did you touch me? You're giving me the heebie jeebies.

Roommate #2: Fuck you
by DAVEYLIKESPOON December 15, 2010

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