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1.exprssion used to mock a certain individual where one has/had a nose in shape of a penis.
2.expression used to rudly interupt an single person/persons while they are asking a question, telling a story, or just simply standing there.
3. expression used to respond to a single person if you want everyone to laugh.
1."hey Jay are you going down the shore this weekend?" Jays respose, "heeaaaa!" "No seriously what time do you think your leaving?" Jays reponse, Well probably around "heeaaaa".
2."Yo dicknose are you coming out this weekend?" Jay said. Dicknose responds,"Yea , but it depend wha...."Jay rudly interupts,"heeaaaa!!!" as he slaps his forehead using his whole arm to indicate that it is a nose as he rubs his index finger on the tip of his elbow to make believe he is picking an enormous nose. the day "heeaaaa...." in the night "heeaaaa..."
by jay isip May 30, 2007
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