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An awesome girl who plays trombone and is really funny and sweet. She loves small asians. She is gorgeous and laughs at mostly anything. She gets good grades but doesn't try and is the best dancer around. Heather is one of the most fun, beautiful, and awesomest girls you will ever meet.
"Did you see that awesome chick?"
"Yeah, She was such a Heather!"
by immabo$$ December 27, 2011
8 5
A girl that looks up her own name too much, and then posts it to facebook at all hours of the night.
She just pulled a Heather and googled herself.
by ubjunkie August 05, 2011
19 16
A drunken wild party girl, who often does things others would frown upon but is always the life of the party
That girl dancing on that table is such a Heather.

That girls being such a Heather, she just danced with 3 guys in a row.
by KBHB December 25, 2011
9 7
A calm and sweet girl with a habit of lying to impress. Very kind and nice, enjoys the company of freinds and animals. Is also a plant.
1: heather looks nice
2: she is
by Cimcamcoomcamcimcoomcom January 01, 2014
2 1
Heather is a georgeous girl with a passion for music (mostly the Rolling Stones). She loves snakes and dogs, and she would rather chill by the pool with a beer rather than go shopping. This girl Heather is an awsome chick to hang with. She's hallarious and you will find youself laughing at anything she says.
boy 1: aww is that heather
boy 2: yes let's go hang with her
by just cause October 09, 2013
4 3
A very open woman!
What an open woman! Is that Heather?
by Xoch February 04, 2012
5 4
A girl with big pretty brown eyes and a nice smile. Her laugh will make you laugh and her giggle will make you fall in love. She usually only falls for douche bags while there are tons of nice guys who are in love with her. If you ever have a chance for her to like you, don't blow it. She's not shy at all the first time you meet her but as you go on to know her you'll see many sides to her. She loves to sing, dance and act but she doesn't know how talented she is. She's worth a million bucks so don't ever lose her. Oh, and she has a nice butt.
Dude 1: Bro, have you seen that girl over there? Her smile is so beautiful.

Dude 2: Of course I've seen her man. Who wouldn't notice her? She's totally a Heather.
by Jacob1993 June 29, 2014
1 1