a female sometimes, a male who likes to wreck other peoples homes. Usually forces the man of the house to have sex with her while his wife is away thus causing lots of irrational figthing
Me: So what the hell is happening i see a lot of figthing on facebook?
Victim: Yeah Heather happened
Me: My god
by markymark? December 06, 2011
Someone who is less than amazing, funny or sporty. Actually she is mega bitch. If she doesn't kill you from boredom with the meaningless dribble she oozes into the atmosphere like a 1960s car spewing lead in a 5 year old's lungs, she'll drown you in endless streams tears she cries in seek of the smallest crumb of pity.

WARNING: If you are a man Heather will try and straddle you to within an inch of your life. Even if you desperately try and cover your crotch she will wrap those sweaty tree trunks around your face. Don't worry this doesn't mean she likes you, it is only because she is only comfortable if she has something with a y chromosome between her legs.
You: Heather is crying. Again.

Me: I thought I saw her with _____

You: Yeah she is riding him like a 'My Little Pony' whilst wiping her snotty nose on his back.
by themingemobile November 13, 2011
short meatball, who is usually overly obsessed with her ex.
will do anything to get him back, even if it includes ruining his relationship with another female.
Heather: babe, i will suck your dick if you want me to. I just want to be with you again.
by ImUnderAnonBxtch August 09, 2011
Usually an ugly slut that cant keep out of a guys pants. She thinks she is so cute and funny, but in all people talk smack behind her back. She wont amount to anything because she sleeps with everyone and then they reget her from any kind of long term relationship. She'll say shes wanting to stay single, but the truth is no one wants her.
That girl hitting on my boyfriend must be a heather, to bad he's mine.
by The winning girl October 22, 2011
A person who is very tall, with brown hair. A person that is "Impossible", and believes anything she sees.

A person that thinks that everything on this website is real because someone wrote it.

A very gullible person.
Hey, Heather, its raining cats and dogs!

Really? I must see!
by NateDoggyDog April 30, 2011
normally the ugliest fucking bitch ever. generally lesbian, but the butch kind. NOT the hot kind. All of her friends are in a biker gang and above the age of 50. She likes to creep on pretty girls and rub her finger between her toes while she does it. She's never had a boy/girlfriend and she rarely showers. She's gross.
Ugh I saw Heather with my grandpa today at the Smiling Skull Bar. Awkward...
by HeathersMom October 09, 2011
Heather is a beautiful sophisticated red head who is very intelligent. She has a fiery personality, and is a strong person. Heather is very easy to love and she's an awesome sister. She gets mad when you eat her food, but will give yours away like beads on Mardi Gras. She is loving, a bit of a wine-o, and fun to be around in general.
Oh, Heather. You're such an awesome gibble giblet. I could buy you a Red Volkswagon GTI or something.
by littlegibblegiblet December 31, 2009
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