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"To heathcliff". Talking about the kidnapping of an usually unattainable third party, often a celebrity, for the purpose of marriage or other romantic endeavors. This is accomplished by confining the subject in a locked room (usually a closet) and not letting them out.
It refers to Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights. The main character, Heathcliff, kidnaps the daughter of his former love and locks her into a room until she agrees to marry his son. While it may seem that the twisted nature of the original kidnapping imbues the act of "Heathcliffing" with a certain sense of depravity, most proposed heathcliffing events are light-hearted objectification of hot men by single, tense women.
Woman 1: Gaw, did you see (insert male celebrity)'s latest photos? The ones where on one page he was wearing a suit and shirtless on the next?
Woman 2: No. Was it hot?
Woman 1: Shyeah. I am so going to heathcliff him and put him in my closet.
Woman 3: Ooh. Are we talking about heathcliffing people? I already have five in my walk-in closet!
by L-Bro July 10, 2008