a word used to describe a mixed drink with a large amount of alcohol in it so that u can actually taste the alcohol in the drink to the point where it makes u cringe.
Damn! This jack and coke is healthy!
by HaggardAss December 12, 2005
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A more politically correct word commonly used to mean "fat" or "chubby". Ironically, the person in question is generally not healthy in the classic sense, although well-fed.
Ethel: "So doc, what's the news?"
Doctor: "To be honest with you, your health isn't good at all. In fact, you're extremely healthy."
by Nick D September 01, 2004
sexually attractive, especially in a way that suggests vigor or athleticism.
I'm sick of townies, dude, let's go find some healthy boys.
by shakeitdontbreakit January 24, 2006
Someone who has a pleasing genetic make-up, suitable for procreation.

Sexually attractive, hot.
Bro #1: Dude, check out the chic in the blue!
Bro #2: Man, she's so fucking healthy.
by toomanytrees November 16, 2011
Sweet, super cool, sick nasty. Started as a reaction against saying "sick dude" or "sick life" Sick sounds awful and healthy is better.
Healthy life bro
by lagsamags June 14, 2010
Healthies: Large, bulbous, protruding, human female breasts.
Dom: "Look at the fucking Healthies on that slut!"

Fornelli: "You should motorboat the fuck out of them like you did at the Rhino!!"

Dom: "Those are some massive mammaries son!"
by PuppyKrusher July 07, 2011
A term of meaning something or someone is superbly awesome.

Opposite word of sick, but same meaning
Roger that dunk you had last night was healthy!
by Michael Jordan Illuminati You October 25, 2010
A word used mostly buy Scottish males.
Its main purpose is to describe anything with an enjoyable factor.

A term of exclamation, as well as an adjective.
i bought you a fancy new jumper!- healthy

This cake is healthy.!
by kieronnnnnnn March 14, 2008

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