Commonly acquired after wearing a headset (i.e. XBOX Live Headset) for as little as 10minutes.

Resembles hat hair: But runs from one ear, across the top of the head, and down to the opposite ear.
Very recognizable to any gamer.
Very embarrassing to have.
1.) -"Hey man, sorry i'm late. I ran into some trouble on the way over here."

-"Dude, i know you were playing XBOX, i can see your Headset Hair."

2.) -"Dude, take off the hat. We're going in the pool."

-"No way man. I have Headset Hair. I'm so embarrassed."
by Alexander Khmelnitskov December 23, 2009
Top Definition
the hair style that is produced after gaming online for extended periods of time with a headset.
"I need to wear a hat. I have headset hair from playing Halo 3 for so long."
by Andrew Cotney December 02, 2007
The indent you hair has when you wear a headset or headphones for too long.
Dude, how long have you been wearing those headphones?
About 2 hours, I'm gonna have some serious Headset Hair.
by DeathByRPG February 17, 2015
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