A headless chicken is a sexual maneuver involving a man and a woman.
The man proceeds to insert his head inside the woman's vagina meanwhile standing up.
He should then place his thumbs under his armpits and then flap his arms while running around in a random path thus simulating the actions of the ever so popular poultry.
This should be done until the man runs out of air.
I would so headless chicken that girl!

I love you so much I would headless chicken you.
by benz3000 May 18, 2009
Top Definition
1. a chicken with no head
2. running around all over the place with seemingly no aim or purpose
1. we ordered murghi masalam but all we got was a headless chicken stuffed with minced meat.
2. "look at that twat Savage" exclaimed Fredo "he's worse than a headless chicken."
by theWestHamfan November 16, 2003
Running around aimlessly, without real purpose.
Craig Heaton ran around like a headless chicken, out of position, for a whole 90 minutes. Again.
by jimbo1085 November 26, 2010
a panic stricken and/or illogical person
The once heroic veteran turned into a regular headless chicken overnight.
by The Return of Light Joker May 12, 2010
A complex sexual act involving five men and 1 woman. The woman takes one cock in her mouth, one in the pussy and one in her ass, whilst the remaining lucky two guys fuck her armpits. This results in the woman gagging and flapping like a headless chicken.
"Dude I'm glad that girl shaved her armpits before last night!"
"Yeah me too, we totally headless chickened that bitch!"
by KFHC September 17, 2008
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