a band located in los angeles california be shure to check em out at www.headtripnation.com
where the music controls your head and starts to trip and oh yeah it needs herb or anysort of tripping drug to make useful a Headtrip :}
by Jaern/Nu wave February 01, 2004
Top Definition
the state of being zoned out while staring at a trippy image
woah that optical illusion sent me on a totaly head trip
by matt t wickham April 09, 2007
headtrip (noun) something that you dwell on for a long period of time. often an irrational fear or the reaction to someone psyching you out.
she was giving me a headtrip, telling me how i did something like her ex, whom she has a low opinion of.

marsha always has a headtrip about letting jan borrow her socks, because jan is a little flaky.

dont watch fox news because it's all a big headtrip; people taping their windows with duct tape.
by livinglifebaby July 26, 2009
The deep, usually introspective or philosophical thoughts that are presented to your mind after smoking weed, dropping acid, or eating shrooms. This feeling can range from deathly frightening thoughts to being connected with everything physically and spiritually
yeah, hes in another one of his head trips.
by hello everyone its me February 27, 2011
Another word for blow job.
She was always giving head trips to her male 'friends'.
by mysteriousnotations September 12, 2007
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