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(Def. 1): A popular method of intimidation in ancient history; where the winning army cuts off the heads of defeated soldiers, impaling them on a pike or stick to demoralize and frighten the conquered people. It was also used after an execution to make a public example of the consequences of breaking the law.

(Def. 2): A metaphor describing retaliation or punishment for another's wrongdoing, or public outrage against an individual or group for the same reason.
After the BP Oil Spill; many Americans would like to see Tony Hayward's head on a stick, myself included.
#revenge #warfare #intimidation #public outrage #medieval
by Dr. Claw August 18, 2010
To render a person immobile by severing their spine.
We use to do it to captured enemy during the war to keep them from escaping --- a talking head on a stick.
#immobile #torture #head on a stick #war #horror
by jojowashere April 10, 2009
To sever the spine to render a victim unconscious or a "head on a stick"
I prevented the victim from escaping by making him a
"head on a stick".
#heads on sticks #torture #captive #immobilization #serial killers
by Lexigore June 03, 2006
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