all wannabe hood wangsters from the city of hawaiian gardens in northeast long beach . They like giving head and pretending they're ghetto yet they have affluent neighborhoods like lakewood, suburban long beach, cerritos, and cypress around them.
kid 1: where you from man?

kid 2: hawaiian gardens, yo..

kid 1: OH you're from hawaiian garbage? you goddamn HEAD GIVER!!!! I bet you love the dick huh?!?!?!....
by headgiverkiller13 July 24, 2010
Top Definition
(n.) One who freely gives blow jobs to anyone who makes the right impression. Most chicks, but not all swallow. Look for signs of blondness to identify head givers and swallowers.

antonym: feminazi, dyke, hairy-leg lesbo feminist type
I was such a head tuner, that all the head givers can and let me titty-fuck them while I stuck my collosal manhood in thier mouths.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 01, 2004
One that likes to suck penis alot.
hey headgiver, whats up!
by Franksterrr May 10, 2005
giving dome
Lil Kim aka Wanna Be Black Barbie Doll!!
by NA May 19, 2004
A cocksucker who has the capacity to slide the cock from the tip of his/her lips to the deepest part of his/her throat and vice-versa in smooth harmony and for a long long endless peaceful time.
Suck my dick, baby! Blow my cock! Oh, yes! Oh, you are such a head-giver!
by Ysengrim January 04, 2004
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