A product sold by a company which is based on the belief that the key to successful television-based advertisement is annoying the viewer to point of significant resentment and disgust. Their commercials also have the shittiest graphics that have ever been shown on television.
(from one of their more recent commercials)

Fat Nasty Beaner Woman With Dirty Hair - "HeadOn. HeadOn! HeadOn!! You're commercials are annoying, but I LOVE your product!"

Corny-Sounding Soccer-Mom Lady - "HeadOn is now available without a prescription"
by Jeph tha 5'9/ssj4vegeta December 19, 2007
head on is a medicine that comes in stick form like chap stick, the commercials are annoying and never mention a single thing about the product burning your head. this product was discontinued due to the fact that it does not work and was falsely advertised.
head on, apply directly to the forehead!
by Anon482901 April 14, 2009
another way of saying, "what a dick" "what a douchebag" "lol @ them"
boy1: did you see that hoe was wearing? her pictures are terrible!
boy2: what a slut, head on.
by JaicooRaveYeah June 27, 2010
when a female is giving you a blowjob and she gets a headache, you ejaculate on her forehead, and asked her if it worked.
when your girl gets a headache, tell her to suck you off and she will feel better because you will give her some head on
by mundy01 June 15, 2011
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