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Someone who can fight; To bust a head
Usually usedd down south.
Terry always beatin speople up, he a head bussa.
by ShAdY September 06, 2003
125 13
Okay head bussa is someone who can fight real good
aint scared of shit,would fight anybody and dont giva fuck how big you is u just ready 2 fight thats a headbussa and if you are reading this you dont want 2 mess with a head bussa
"Nike dont play that, you betta watch out she's a head bussa no lie!" said Octavia
by 5o's 1 wifEy---Nike November 25, 2005
104 44
Headbussa is a gangsta who opens a can of whoopass on someone and breaks their skull.
I'll knock a hater out.I'm a headbussa.
by Jae Mead May 24, 2004
55 23
A crazy ass mutha fucka who will kill anyone who gets in his space. You do not want to meet one of these crazy creatures. so watch out.
So if you just minding your own business and you come accross this creature you better run.
by isaac April 15, 2005
16 10
A girl who sucks dick
Ay that girl right there a headbussa
by DRO February 21, 2004
9 55
a really fat line of cocaine that when taken feels like your head is gonna bust.
the drug dealer then dropped me a head bussa of his personal blow.
by BIG J January 24, 2005
17 71