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Noun: Male cleavage, often seen when a button-down shirt is unbuttoned to an extreme. Generally viewed in nightclubs or on CSI. Word origin - the combination of "He" (as in "male") and "Cleavage" (as in "exposure of the upper boob area") hence "he-vage."
Did you see CSI last night? Warrick was sporting some serious HE-VAGE in the lab for some reason.
by Gail B. January 19, 2007
male cleavage; man boob; the excess tissue, either fat or muscle seen around the breast area of males, usually in bodybuilders or overweight individuals; see also: bro
holy crap, look at that fat guy, he has some serious hevage
by michael, jack's son December 28, 2009
The name for the area of chest shown on guys when they wear a really low v-neck t-shirt. Usually accompanied with a tan, dark sunglasses, possibly some gold chains and lots of grooming
Brian's got great he-vage in his new t-shirt
by kkk111 December 31, 2010
The resultant bulge that occurs from the use of the new “Wonderbra” jockstrap.
Erin says to Adam, "That's a great new wonderbra jockstrap you have there. Make sure your pants are zipped up, otherwise you're going to show your hevage."
by Erin & Russ November 04, 2006
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