Used by owner to screw over all Honda owners
HDL makes money off stupid Honda owners
by Valk Owner August 31, 2003
Top Definition
A short form for the german term "Hab dich lieb" that means something like "I love you" but is rather used by female friends than lovers...
Another form is "Hdgdl" which has a stronger meaning and stands for "Hab dich ganz doll lieb".
Both abbreviations are especially used in text messages, chat conversations and in written letters.
.::Text message::.

hey nina,
will u come over at 5pm ?
hdl jenny
by wuerfel.kind August 13, 2006
Hot Dude Love - A stronger, and more brotastic bromance.
Tim and James' HDL is so chill, I wish I could have one.
by Jammer99 January 26, 2011
German: Hab den längsten.
English : Have da longest.

It is about the penis of a man. If you're male and you say HDL all womans know what you're talking about.
Guy: Lady wanna have some fun? I HDL!
Lady: Sure, but only if you really HDL.
by fabiremi999 January 07, 2012
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