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acronym for - "hot chick with douche bag"...the phenomenon of young, nubile hotties interacting with smug, tribal-tatted, smootchy-lipped, greasy forehead-havin', hair-jelled, pop-collared, 10-degree slant hat-wearin', bling-infested, TAG stankin', chest-waxin', soul-patch sportin', oversized aviator shade wearin', bandana-clad, manscaped club-monkey poseurs...
damn...she's fine...i can't believe she's with that guy...a classic case of hcwdb
by stimpleton November 27, 2007
Everything in the above definition AND one other VERY prominent trait of the classic scrote: orange fake tan spray-wearin'.
Oh man, check that scrote with that hott, he got the orange glow goin' - what the hell she doin' with that hcwdb??
by Tommyt February 04, 2009

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