Only in my opinion the best emo/screamo band ever!! They are from Ohio
non.emo.kid-Hawthorne Heights is so f-ing gay man.
me(the.emo.kid)Your momma is gay
Hawthorne Heights happens
by Amo the Emo Girl November 22, 2006
This is a band that is probably the best not a fuckin joke its A+++++++ buy their cd silence in black and white
wow hawthorne heights rules...NO SHIT WHAT DID I FUCKIN TELL U...sorry man i didnt believe u until i got off my fuckin ass and bought their cd...ROCK ON!!!!!
by Mark March 30, 2005
Fall Out Boy's little sister.
Dumb Girl 1: "like, omg, it's hawthorne heights!"

Dumb Girl 2: "I want to give that whole band blowjobs for free!

Me: OMG listen to some good music PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD!
by mark101 June 11, 2008
A four piece (five piece until the death of Casey Calvert in 2007) band from Dayton, Ohio that is widely considered to be part of the emo/screamo movement. Idolized by emos and pop-punk fans, skewered by emo haters, and completely left alone by audiophiles and critics, they are the very definition of the Generic Emo Band. They specialize in making emo-styled pop-punk that goes straight through my head without making any impression at all. Not to mention that they suffer from a musically deadly disease known as Lyricitis Type Bad and incorporate (horrendous) screaming in their music.
Emo kid: Dear Diary, Mood: Heartbroken. LIKE OMG! I ASKED THIS GIRL OUT TODAY AND SHE SAID NO GET AWAY FROM ME EMO FREAK AND IT MADE ME SO SAD! So, liek, I went home and listened to Hawthorne Heights and cut my wrists and blacked my eyes like the song said. It made the terrible pain go away... but only a bit.

Emo Hater: Hawthorne heights is a bucketload of shit!... even though I've never heard one of their songs...

Audiophile: Hawthorne Heights is a band with a fairly competent rhythm section when compared to other bands in the emo movement, and that makes them worth a listen. However, they're so generic that you won't know the difference, except for maybe the laughable screaming and absolutely atrocious lyrics. Only true emos will be crazy for this band.
by The AI April 20, 2009
Commonly thought of as a band, Hawthorne Heights is actually a giant sack of fecal matter disguised as a band.
What is this flaming bag of Hawthorne Heights doing on my front porch? *stomps*
by SmellyBaptist September 27, 2006
Emo band, with backing screamo vocals. Very, very good emo band, helped me cope with depression and family problems.
"So, cut my wrists, and black my eyes... So I can fall asleep tonight, or die... Because you killed me, you know you do you killed me well, you like to do it I can tell."

hawthorne heights
by Pwn Biscut November 20, 2007
Hawthorn heights is EMO screamo punk band,vocals by JT woodruff(dont know about screaming). Clearly steriotyped from emo, by the song "ohio is for lovers"{i cant make it on my ownx2, because my heart is in ohio, cut my wrist and black my eyes(repeat with screaming), so i can fall asleep tonight, or die}other songs are not emo like (niki fm).
Good to hate and good to like, i guess, just depends on what music u listen to..
Oh my god are you going to buy the new Hawthorne heights cd thats comming out next week?!?!?/1!1?!/1/?1
by Myspace|is|for|emos November 21, 2005

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