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a friend or person that thinks they are the shit.
they invite them selves over, help their selves to whatever is in your cupboards, and drink all your beer.
Don't ever lend a Hawdon cash, though he said he will pay you back, you will not see your money.
Hawdons can be found at most high schools hanging out with younger students because they have no friends in college.

Never invite a Hawdon to a party because he'll try to hit on every girl and when he gets shut down he'll talk shit the next day about how those "sluts" at the party we're too easy and he didn't want it.
Kyle: what the hell dude? you ate all my cereal!
Hawdon: sorry man i was hungry.
Kyle: wow that's so typical.

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Mooch, Loser, Bum, Leech, Try-hard
by garbageman1232 February 27, 2014
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