A person (usually a girl) with a: hot ass, ugly face
Damn, she looked fine. But when she turned around, I was dissappointed to she that she was a HAUF.
by mick November 20, 2004
Top Definition
means half as in a half bottle
hauf bottle of vodka
by big boab July 28, 2005
to procrastinate and do absolutely nothing, the act of accomplishing nothing
Today I sat around and haufed all today.
by Thomas John Murphy March 09, 2009
OAF, extreamly large, big nose, big mouth, and pretty ugly, he has no friends because they all think hes a tool and want to kick his ass, he has no luck with girls and cant keep a girl for a month or let alone 2 weeks because he dumps them for his "family problems" sweet grow the fuck up and realize no one likes your ugly ass!!

and learn how to spell HORNY its not "whorny" damn that gilman education is paying off well
ugly oaf
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