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Pronounced HAATTA Plural: HITEET or HATAAT is a relatively new Iraqi slang word that is usually used by a girl when referring to a girl that he finds appealing for him. The word's origin is from the southern Iraqi city of Basrah, where it actually means 'hooker'. The word is predominantly a guy term and is considered crude and while not vulgar, is not considered appropriate when talking formally or with girls.

Uses: Man, that girl is one hot ticket, she's a hatta.

Hey, is your hatta coming with you for the party?

by Raneem November 24, 2007
A fag who sits in his room and plays cod4 or guitar hero all day and nite. hangs out with kids named kyle and is lazy fat and thinks he can skate thus thinking hes cool
not hatta: hey wanna go outside?
hatta: i cant i gotta beat thru the fire and flames on expert!
by inzeroskater July 10, 2008
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