Either pronounced as ha-the-row or hate-row.

Known as new hate that are founded by haters, and then expanded into detail from the small bad details of someone(celebrity, famous people, some guy). Certain features are created from the image of the hater that could cause more haters to hate a certain person, the featured hate is then fortified by self-created facts by the haters to influence non-haters to hate the person.

New hate is created everyday through the possibility of one's hater imagination to create a brand new hate. As such, most non-haters that lacks the ability to think would join in and hate together with the rest of the haters in the world.
John is under a haterow.

Haterow is commenced by a group of haters that hates Britney Spears.

I shall create a new hate through haterowing.
by EpicCrisis May 25, 2013

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