Media such as books, magazine articles, or tv shows sought out by haters to increase their hatred of a person place or thing.
I didn't know why I should hate on Justin Beiber until I heard one of his songs. It was like a nice cold drink of hater-ade.
by chronic master-hater November 22, 2010
A parody of the popular sports/energy drink, Gatorade.
Used as a noun when explaining you have haters.
Mark: Hey is that douche your friend?
Andre: Nah, he's been drinking Haterade ever since his girlfriend kissed me.
by hewhosubmitsterms July 26, 2009
Something hater's constantly drank.
Person 1: Fuck you hoe!
by stephberly March 22, 2009
An expression used when someone is hatin' or dissin' you
Someone just drink they haterade!?
by chvilicek6 July 05, 2009
a drink, invented by a man named Fulgencio Josue Valmana, who hates on everyone and everything he wishes he could have or be.
Fulgi stays sippin on that haterade all day
by jazminc November 24, 2010
A term to desribe a massive hate for someone.
Dude you've been sipping on a lot of haterade latley
by DizzyLizzy January 21, 2007
A person who's gossiping drank haterade
omg,did u
see that chick's
ass?WHy did you drink
by rafarocks August 23, 2007

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