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Like haterade, the figurative snack you consume when you're hating on someone.
- "He acts like he's the shit because he has that Mercedes SLR."

- "Man, you need to cut down on all those hater tots you've been eating."
by aoc January 07, 2006
A way to say someone needs to chill out because they are being a hater or frontin'. Hatetots usually come with a side of Haterade that can be served cold from the Refrigihater.
Calm down on those hatertots bro, leave him alone.
by Ashtray April 09, 2005
a metaphorical food that one eats when one is allegedly hating. it is clever because it sounds like Tater tots.
Jen: that guy bill thinks he's the coolest with his pearl-snap shirt and his stupid solara convertible.

Dijone: damn girl, maybe you should lay off the hater tots.
by pseudowoodo12 March 21, 2013
a comeback to someone saying something bad to someone else. now digest that! meaning step off, let it go, and be nice all rolled in to one large fatty!
"asshole" said jon. "thats cold" said freak (reciving the diss) "damn boy i better just order u up some hatertots"!said yonni
by Beau February 29, 2004
the children of the person you are trying to date that keep interfering just before the kiss happens
Knocking on the car door for the kiss goodbye and a hater tot appears with cat-like reflexes in stealth mode in camo gear to say goodbye ending the date minus the kiss.

Best friend: "How was the kiss goodnight?"
Dater: "I DON'T KNOW!!! It was interuppted by the hater tots!"
by Retro hoe - from the 80s December 28, 2007
The young neo-nazi singers who espouse hatred for people unlike themselves.

Hey dude, goin' to the hater tots concert? No man, I am not a hater.
by paradigm tourist April 09, 2007
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