A man who doesn't like Puffins Cereal.
"Bro, I don't like Puffins"
by Puffin Lover September 15, 2012
ha•ter - hay'-ter noun

1. n. one who is bothered or made to feel a strong sense of envy by the success, happiness, prosperity, or good-fortune of others

2. n. one who aims to defame, slander, or obstruct the dopeness or enjoyment of others (often characterized as the ‘sucka’ in a given situation or scenario)

3. n. person with an eagerness to find fault in the prestige or pleasure experienced by others
Once I came up, I saw who my real hater(s) were.
by MissBeaMines October 28, 2011
Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success
Haters gonna hate
by supercko April 19, 2011
(Noun) A person who searches something they don't like on youtube, then leaves nasty comments on that video and all other related videos.
Dustin- "Did you see My Chemical Romance's new music video?"

Haley- "Yeah but I got really angry at this teenie bopper who was being a hater."
by Music Ninja January 04, 2011
Jealous people who like to say derogatory things. Probably one of the lowest types of humans beings. Equal to Hitler.
Celebrity: Smh to the haters out there.
Fan: You go Glen Coco.
by olanatorday December 08, 2015
Basically a sincere troll, they hate most of the time because they're salty and jealous about someone else's success.
Haters gonna hate
by AyanokoRin July 16, 2015
The one and only meaning of being a "hater" is someone being jealous of the next person or their accomplishments.This slang word has been misused throughout the internet taking on a literal definition from the word hate. The proper use of the word has sadly diminished and needs to take its rightful place back. To the older audience this word has replaced the slang word "jell" or "jeal". The first known use of the word was in the 1999 single "Still D.R.E." by rapper Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg. The lyrics “haters gon' hate” is believed to be the origin start of the word “haters". Comedian Katt Williams uses this slang word in its true meaning as a description of someone being angry about something that someone else has or has accomplished which its ultimate feeling stems from jealousy.
A female enters the comedy club with a known male entertainer looking fabulous in her silk dress. He escorts her to her assigned seat where two single females that he know are sitting adjacent to her, He greets the two women and tells his date that he has to get ready to go on stage. Once the show began she stood up to cheer, upon sitting back down she noticed her seat was wet with ketchup swirled all over it. She turned around the the two females and said "you're a hater you ruined my dress".
by I Know June 09, 2015

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