Someone who is enraged by evidence of another's success and as a result has to try to one up the successful person or simply put the successful person down. Hating is much more than just being jealous of the person who has done well. The hater would find much satisfaction in seeing some form of misfortune come to that person.

Haters may also simply find satisfaction in someone else’s misfortune. When a friend falls off a bicycle and lands in the sewer for instance, it is a normal reaction to laugh at the situation. However, a hater will respond slightly differently by laughing at the person in a ridiculing manner.

Haters have a special link to one another and they tend to fuel each others hate by hating in groups. It may be a form of stress relief or something entirely different but they do seem to become happy from the escalation of hate for a person that arises in these groups.

Haters generally tend to hate people who are doing well even more so - racists excluded - if they are closer or more similar to them or of a similar social class.

When Jesus talked about prophets not being welcome in their own home town, he was probably talking about the haters.

There is one African tribe that used to be famous for hating its best hunters. A great hunter would make the biggest catch in months for instance, and then everybody would put him down by telling him that they couldn’t believe that he could expect them to eat something so puny and unhealthy looking.

However, hating is by no means limited to Africa. Hating exists all around the world. Among travellers for instance, Anglo-saxons from the UK, US and Australia are famous for hating, especially when a non anglo-saxon is doing well. This reputation is likely the result of a handful of haters that make a bad name for every Anglo-saxon, and even citizens of these nations who are not even anglo-saxon.
Sally: "Wow, China and India have been doing really well and a lot of jobs have been relocated due to the super-cheap labour. Are you worried about your job?"
Brian (hater in denial): "We’re in the only country that has quality management skills. Those guys are not smart enough. There’s no way that my job could ever be done by someone outside."

Shawn: "Damn, Kev’s been doing real good these days working his new job. He just got a new car and he paid cash. He’s looking for a house now too."
Wilma (hater): "I don’t believe it. That Kevin is not making that money from a new job. That fool be dealin’."

Peter (hater who is racist but probably doesn’t think so): "No way, mate. Ain’t no way, that this coloured fella goes to Oxford. How many black people go there, like 10? What are the chances?"
by Credit to those who deserve it September 06, 2006
not a word but is still used far too much and each time is increasingly annoying. Said to be jealousy, but could be someone who just points out the stupidity in what someone else is doing, successful or not.

side note to people who use this term, just cause someone doesnt like a certain artist or person it does not mean they are mad they are successful- it might just mean they dont like their music and or style or how they go about things.
me- "man lil wayne sucks dick"

hip hop fan- "o yous a hater"

me-"actually he is a very intelligent person who doesnt use his influence on today's youth as wisely as he could."

hip hop fan- "o yous a hater man"
by personwhoissickofthewordhater August 20, 2008
A large group of people who have absolutely no calling in life except for dissing on everyone and everything around them because they have no understanding of being different.

Often times, a hater will engage in fights with somebody for no other reason except for a band they like, personality, or culture they believe in and follow.

Haters are often uneducated selfish pricks who only argue for the sake of feeling better about themselves because their parents beat them abusively.

Their intentions are no other reason except to make other people feel like shit because usually they talk crap over the internet, knowing all too well that they would get their ass handed to them in a fight in real life.
The few exceptions who do hate in real life end up getting their asses handed to them anyways.

Moral: If you don't like something, shut your god damn mouth and move along.
Juggalo: Hey man did you hear the new ICP Album.
Juggalo 2: Yeah man it's pretty good
*Juggalo 1 and 2 beat Hater's ass*
Juggalo 2: Stupid haters
by From a Ninja who cares February 10, 2010
A word that used someone who would go to extreme lengths to showcase their dissaproval of something. In recent times this meaning has changed to apply to anyone with a negative opinion.

It can also be compared to the word troll and it's new meaning.
Previous meaning


Person 2: Stop being a hater.


Person 1: Have you heard the new eminem song, it's epic!

Person 2: I don't really like eminem because...

Person 1: HATER!!!!!!!
by The realest gamer October 27, 2011
A word used by the common herd(idiots) who can not think of any other way of defending something questionable(idiotic). Hater is commonly used against fellow humans that have their own opinion differing from the words user's opinion or the common herd's.
Me: "That primer grey yugo with the shopping cart wing is ridiculous."

Idiot: "DUDE!!!! y r u alys h8in on dis ride??? Your Gust a J3alous hater!!!

Me: "What?"
by CammedXR7 May 14, 2009
People that give words thumbs down on Urbandictionary.
Them haters gave my words a thumbs down on Urbandictionary
by I K April 02, 2009
A word used by people too up their own arses to realise that there might be legitimate reasons to criticise them to describe those that criticise them.
Limp Bizkit's Eightball: Yeah, you a hater, hater, hater
by Clammage June 28, 2009
a speck of dust, sugar or tobacco in a glasspipe full of chrystal meth. It fucks up the whole batch.
Oh no, i have to toss out the whole load because there's a hater stuck on the side of the pipe.
by Clean for years now February 10, 2009
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