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A group of people, generally in the teen years, will transgress to a meaner, more defiant and bitchy persona. These teens are often given labels such as goth, or emo. The term hatecrew actually, originates from the Band Children Of Bodom. They Characterized the phrase in one of their hit albums "Hate Crew, DeathRoll". A hate crew is a group of these kids that go around being haters, or superficial people, bent on sucking the fun out of a situation or person.
Me-"Damn, Quinn and his hate crew, crampin my crunkness"
Quinn, and hatecrew in harmony-"Your a homo, go back to hell you satanic beast, oh and by the way im moving on the tenth of january"
by Nick lopez December 06, 2006
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a term used to define a group of people who hate another group of people. against public view, (except emo) they do not suck the fun out of anything, in fact, they can be some of the most fun loving people you ever find. Hella great parties and fights.
tyrone: aww man... john and his hatecrew are going to the abandon field by my house to have a giant swastica bonfire and get drunk. while i stay home with my homies n smoke pot and do crack n watch spanish tv

john:oh ya awsome party!! hey lets go kick the shit outta tyrone and his pitiful gang!!!

other "haters": FUCK YA!!!
by funlovingskinhead December 02, 2009
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