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Inflected Form(s):
hate·bred \'heIt-brEd\ or hate·breed·ered; hate·breed·er·ing
Middle English hatebreden, from Old English hetebredan; akin to Old English hatianbrod
before 12th century

transitive verb
1: to cause or coerce an individual to listen to the song Hatebreeder by Children of Bodom released on the album by the same name, esp. the guitar/keyboards solo section of the song.
2: the subsequent actions of an individual who has just been hatebred
3: to propagate feelings of hate to other individuals

intransitive verb
1: to play the song Hatebreeder, particularly in earshot of unsuspecting individuals
And when Hektor had recovered from the shock of King Priam's hatebreedering, he arose, bathed, and clothed himself. — Homer

"Let's storm some vent servs tonight and hatebreeder wow faggs."
by Ian Kennard January 19, 2008

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